CAR-2014-05-001: RPC Activity
CAR-2016-04-005: Remote Desktop Logon
CAR-2013-02-008: Simultaneous Logins on a Host
CAR-2013-04-002: Quick execution of a series of suspicious commands
CAR-2016-04-004: Successful Local Account Login
CAR-2016-03-002: Create Remote Process via WMIC
CAR-2013-03-001: Reg.exe called from Command Shell
CAR-2014-07-001: Service Search Path Interception
CAR-2015-04-002: Remotely Scheduled Tasks via Schtasks
CAR-2013-02-012: User Logged in to Multiple Hosts
CAR-2014-03-005: Remotely Launched Executables via Services
CAR-2013-10-002: DLL Injection via Load Library
CAR-2013-07-005: Command Line Usage of Archiving Software
CAR-2014-04-003: Powershell Execution
CAR-2014-11-005: Remote Registry
CAR-2013-05-004: Execution with AT
CAR-2013-07-001: Suspicious Arguments
CAR-2014-03-001: SMB Write Request - NamedPipes
CAR-2015-07-001: All Logins Since Last Boot
CAR-2013-09-005: Service Outlier Executables
CAR-2014-11-004: Remote PowerShell Sessions
CAR-2013-05-005: SMB Copy and Execution
CAR-2013-02-003: Processes Spawning cmd.exe
CAR-2013-05-002: Suspicious Run Locations
CAR-2014-11-003: Debuggers for Accessibility Applications
CAR-2014-11-007: Remote Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) over RPC
CAR-2014-03-006: RunDLL32.exe monitoring
CAR-2013-10-001: User Login Activity Monitoring
CAR-2014-11-006: Windows Remote Management (WinRM)
CAR-2013-07-002: RDP Connection Detection
CAR-2013-09-003: SMB Session Setups
CAR-2013-05-003: SMB Write Request
CAR-2014-11-002: Outlier Parents of Cmd
CAR-2014-02-001: Service Binary Modifications
CAR-2016-04-003: User Activity from Stopping Windows Defensive Services
CAR-2013-01-003: SMB Events Monitoring
CAR-2016-03-001: Host Discovery Commands
CAR-2015-04-001: Remotely Scheduled Tasks via AT
CAR-2014-05-002: Services launching Cmd
CAR-2013-01-002: Autorun Differences
CAR-2013-08-001: Execution with schtasks
CAR-2016-04-002: User Activity from Clearing Event Logs
CAR-2014-12-001: Remotely Launched Executables via WMI
CAR-2014-11-008: Command Launched from WinLogon
CAR-2013-05-009: Running executables with same hash and different names