A process is a running program on a computer.


|Action|Description| |—|—| |access|The vent corresponding to a process accessing the memory space of another process.| |create|The event corresponding to a process creation in Windows. In the kernel, these are often captured with the callback PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutine.| |terminate|The event corresponding to a process destruction in Windows. In the kernel, these are also captured with the callback PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutine, but with a pointer to a NULL structure.|


|Field|Description|Example| |—|—|—| access_level|Permissions level at which the target process is accessed.|64 call_trace|Stack trace showing context of process open/access call.| command_line|The command line string contains all arguments passed to the process upon execution.|example.exe arg1 arg2 current_working_directory|The absolute path to the current working directory of the process.|c:\temp env_vars|The environment variables within a process’s memory space, as a string.|SHELL=/bin/zsh exe|The basename of the image_path.|example.exe fqdn|The fully qualified domain name of the host in which the process ran. Contains the hostname appended with the domain.|HOST1.EXAMPLE_DOMAIN.COM guid|Global unique identifier for the initiating process.|{f81d4fae-7dec-11d0-a765-00a0c91e6bf6} hostname|The hostname of the host, without the domain.|HOST1 image_path|The file path of the executable associated with this process. This may act as a pivot to file:file_path.|C:\path\to\example.exe integrity_level|The Windows integrity level associated with the process. MUST be one of low, medium, high, or system.|High md5_hash|The MD5 hash of the contents of the file located at image_path. The field is in hex notation, without the 0x prefix.|5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3 parent_command_line|All of the arguments passed to the parent process upon execution.|c:\windows\system32\dism.exe foo.xml parent_exe|The exe field of the parent process. This is a substring of parent_image_path.|example_parent.exe parent_guid|Global unique identifier of the parent of the initiating process.|{f81d4fae-7dec-11d0-a765-00a0c91e6bf6} parent_image_path|The image_path field of the parent process.|C:\path\to\example_parent.exe pid|The process ID for the process, represented in decimal notation.|738 ppid|The process ID for the process’s parent, represented in decimal notation. In the parent process, this will be the pid field.|1860 sha1_hash|The SHA1 hash of the contents of the file located at image_path.|2aae6c35c94fcfb415dbe95f408b9ce91ee846ed sha256_hash|The SHA256 hash of the contents of the file located at image_path.|68e656b251e67e8358bef8483ab0d51c6619f3e7a1a9f0e75838d41ff368f728 sid|The Windows security identifier of the user token that the process is running under.|S-1-5-18 signature_valid|Boolean indicator of whether signature is current and not revoked.|True signer|The name of the company that signed the file.|FooCorp target_address|Specific address range which is accessed by another process.|08048000-0804c000 target_guid|Global Unique Identifier for the target process (only for process access events).| target_name|Name of the process that is accessed.|C:\Windows\System32\winlogon.exe target_pid|ID of the target process (only for process access events).| uid|User ID under which original process is running.|509 user|The user token that process was created with. May be a local, domain or SYSTEM user. Formatted with “\". Individual threads in the process may gain more privilege or change tokens, so the active token in any thread is not necessarily the one the process was created under.|HOST1\LOCALUSER

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access_level call_trace command_line current_working_directory env_vars exe fqdn guid hostname image_path integrity_level md5_hash parent_command_line parent_exe parent_guid parent_image_path pid ppid sha1_hash sha256_hash sid signature_valid signer target_address target_guid target_name target_pid uid user
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