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Welcome to CAR, the Cyber-Analytics Repository. There are a couple of ways to go about getting started. The navigation bar on the left hand bar contains several useful links for exploring CAR.


Main article: Help:Glossary

The Glossary is description of commonly used words and features of CAR. Critical terms such as analytic are defined here.

Navigation Bar

Main Page - The "Welcome to CAR" launch page
Analytic List - A summary page for all analytics
Data Drilldown - A drilldown way to browse the Semantic objects on CAR
Analytic Search - A way to search analytics by metadata
Contribute - How to contribute to CAR
Help - This contents page of the help menu
Data Model - Detailed view of the Data Model and available sensors
Sensors - Drilldown on all sensors

Data Model

Main article: Help:Data Model

The Data Model, strongly inspired by CybOX, is an organization of the objects that may be monitored from a host-based or network-based perspective. Each object on can be identified by two dimensions: its actions and fields. When paired together, the three-tuple of (object, action, field) act like a coordinate, and describe what properties and state changes of the object can be captured by a sensor.